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As parents and educators, we at Moxie know the importance of strong verbal communication in school, at home, work, and beyond. Unfortunately, we have also seen a sharp decline in communicative competence in generations raised with access to technology at a young age. We are concerned that our children aren’t comfortable with direct communication. They struggle to engage, make eye contact, stand up confidently, and exist in their own skin. The generations affected include those referred to as Millennials born in the early 1980’s through the mid 1990’s and the i-gen born in the mid 1990’s through 2012. This achievement gap continues to expand and threatens the futures of our children.

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Gia Valenti, Founder

Gia Valenti holds a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She has also been a professional thespian and sales executive for 25 years. Gia knows the importance of strong communication skills. As a mother, she has seen first-hand the negative influence technology and social media can have on the real-life connections our children are making.

She is committed to combating the adverse effects of technology on our youth. Passionate about early education, her focus is on children as young as two years old all the way through high school. She ensures that each age group has access to resources available for a classroom and/or home setting. These resources give them the skills they need to learn, grow and lead as communicative adults.

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Talk More Type Less

Individuals in all levels of education journeying into the workplace must be able to engage, connect and lead both verbally and non verbally.

With Moxie’s programs, and an emphasis on active learning, we get kids talking more and typing less. Through strategically developed and FUN activities, we can give children the opportunity to hone in on their communication skills without them even realizing it.


Pre-K – 1st

This program targets the early development years. Speech-language & social emotional development are critical in this phase…

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2nd – 4th

This program develops age appropriate communication skills children should possess at this age. The activities are fun…

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5th – 8th

This program ensures children are ready for high school and future opportunities. In some cases, you must interview for high school….

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9th – 12th

This program prepares our future leaders with the real world skills they will need to perform and succeed as communicative adults…

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Empowered Series

This program allows for teens and preteens to safely express opinions on age appropriate topics and social issues they face today…

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