If your educational institution is located in the St. Louis area, and within a 25 mile radius, we can bring Learn With Moxie to you!  We offer after school enrichment programs.  Our staff will come to your campus, once a week, for 6 weeks, and engage your students in exciting games and activities focused on communication skills.  Contact us for more information.  We can provide e-brochures to send to parents and enrollment is easy.

If you are not a local school, that’s ok! Gia is available to advise any school across the US how to implement Learn With Moxie programs.


If you are looking for ways to teach your students to communicate better in this digital world, then look no further. Gia Valenti and her learn with Moxie system is all you’ll need.

Michelle Steeg MA, LPC, NCC

I am a huge supporter of Gia and Learn with Moxie. Not only is she a great person with a great heart, her mission could not be more important in today’s society. I have several years of experience working in elementary education, and I witnessed first hand the consequences of too much screen time at a young age. If society continues on this path, without adopting the principles of Learn with Moxie, we are doing our children a disservice.

Michael Kleckner, Kleck CEO Owner
The Magnificent Melvin & Moxie is fabulous tool for parents who want to raise children the old-fashioned way: with actual playing, reading and communicating as opposed to staring at a device all day. The book has the added bonus of helping parents disconnect as well. It is not easy to go against the what everyone else is doing. But then, anything worthwhile is always worth doing in the end. The rewards are manifold and will make you wonder what your life would have been like had you NOT read The Magnificent Melvin & Moxie!
Suzanne Venker
Gia Valenti has her finger on the pulse of today’s children. She believes kids need less tech and more personal interaction. Kids need to be able to communicate effectively if they are going to be successful. Too much tech is just not healthy.
Judith C.

Tired of asking your tween to put down the electronics?

It’s time to unplug from the games and start talking.

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