Are Smartphones Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Dangers associated with technology

Several weeks ago, I had an image in my mind. A disturbing visual that wouldn’t go away.  Often, I correlate technology with dangers. Scientific research has confirmed developmental delays, devastation, and death.  Sadly, even death.

Admittedly, I often think of the cyber-negatives before I think about the cyber-positives. I attribute that method of thinking to my concern for our children.

Science and Observation

Willingly, I spend an incredible amount of time researching studies, reading articles, and reviewing data.  As a result, I continue to crusade for our youth.

Unfortunately, it is through simple observation, death is one outcome.  Largely, due to the digital landscape we inhabit. This is evident in looking at the ghastly suicide rate.

Repeatedly, with or without the science, we hear horrific stories of teens taking their lives due to social media, cyberbullying, etc. Other outcomes are addiction, depression, distraction, and sleep deprivation.

Statistically, our youth are dying by suicide at an alarming rate. Many studies are uncovering that the 24/7, plugged in, world is a huge contributor. This should have your attention.

Dramatic art vs. Reality

The image was gnawing at me.  I believed it was there for a reason.  I proceeded to share this disturbing vision with my brilliant friend and photographer, Elisabeth Peacock.  As you can see, we captured a macabre picture of what was living in my brain.

Is this image chilling?  Yes. Maybe a bit controversial? Possibly. However, is it unrealistic? Unequivocally, NO.

The photo created serves as a discussion piece. The targeted audience is parents and educators. Additionally, our professional counselors and physicians can relate to the depiction. It was designed for all who may, or may not, be convinced that the dangers are there.

Perhaps, the image is severe and intense. But, it’s the harsh reality that technology is indeed a weapon when not utilized appropriately. When self regulation is underdeveloped, it most certainly becomes addictive. Who is at grave risk when these two pieces come together? Our children.

Are smartphones weapons of mass destruction? Undoubtedly, yes.

Tread carefully my friends. Keep talking.

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