Advance your child’s self esteem and social skills from an early age,
and keep giving them the confidence they crave. 

Parents today are concerned about their children being hijacked by electronics.
Both parents and children want more opportunities to interact with one another while having fun.
Now you have the chance with accessible Moxie activities, right to your inbox every month!

We appreciate technology. But we don’t want ‘tech neck’ and tablet zombies.

Moxie Monthly gives your child more opportunities to see outside the screen. Each of our 3 series’ is designed to grow your child’s developmental milestones. Simple, innovative, easy and fun games come straight to your inbox so you can play together when it works for your family schedule.

Moxie Monthly for every Age Group

Without noticing, your child will improve language arts and standardized test scores at school.

With the aid of Moxie Monthly, you will temporarily take your child away from technology and engage in an activity that enhances interpersonal skills.
Each activity is a unique game or exercise guaranteed to improve communication skills for as little as $4 a month. 

Ages 3-6

Is your little one already tethered to the tablet, making disconnecting difficult? Moxie Monthly is loaded with activities to ensure your little learner is exploring, using imagination, and developing excellent social emotional and communication skills to get ready for school!

$49.99 for the entire year

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Ages 7-10

Does your child prefer to game and app over spending time face-to-face with friends? Guarantee your child’s success in middle school and beyond with Moxie Monthly activities, ensuring language arts readiness ahead of time!

$49.99 for the entire year

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Ages 11-14

Does your tween/teen express how they couldn’t POSSIBLY survive without their device? Moxie Monthly makes it comfortable to look away sometimes and practice good communication skills to be successful students and future leaders.

$49.99 for the entire year

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Do you use screen time for reward and punishment?

It’s time to set limits in your home.

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