Parents and children LOVE Learn With Moxie Programs!

Why kids need communication skills?

Recently, we held a three week holiday camp focused on communication skills with children.  The ages ranged from 5 to 10 years old.  Interestingly, we gained valuable insight. The Future Leaders need our programs.

Most importantly, the Learn With Moxie mission strives to get children to engage. We want them to master good communication skills, hone in on social skills, make use of good eye contact, and improve listening skills.

The more time children spend in a screen world, the less practiced they are in verbal exercise. Oral communication will be required as they progress through their academic years. Additionally, it will be critical when they enter the career world.

How we do it

The second most important part is to do this without them realizing they are working on these things. We never want children to feel anxious or shy away from the opportunity to practice these very important skills necessary to be successful in life. Learn With Moxie ensures children from Pre K – 12th grade feel comfortable with our instructors and their peers while engaging in basic and FUN conversational exercises.  We work hard to not be the boring, public speaking 101 course that children dread.

The kids loved it!

Each and every student gave their full attention.  They smiled and laughed. The children moaned and groaned when an activity came to an end because they were having such a good time. 

As a result, parents sent text messages and emails to share how much their child enjoyed the program!  Some children were very outgoing. Others were shy and hesitant, initially, but then embraced the activities. Subsequently, they couldn’t resist the fun surrounding them. 

When the three weeks concluded, all of the participants were fully engaged. They were eager to begin each activity put before them. The children were asked at the end of the final session to stand up and share something they learned, one thing they enjoyed, and their least favorite activity.

Interestingly, some of the stand out answers were: “I learned a lot of new words to add to my vocabulary.” “I didn’t realize how challenging some of these games were, but they were still fun.” “I discovered that it’s rude to talk when someone else is talking.”  Additionally, they named favorite activities and not one got a thumbs down.

We learned things too

We discovered that kids struggle with basic communication skills.  Whether this deficit is related to how much time is spent on screens or not, doesn’t matter.  However, the more tech time kids have combined with less face to face interactions, the more we will continue to see deficits in this area. 

Children are lacking empathy. Emoticons to represent our feelings and emotions can’t replace vocal intonation or physical contact. A sad faced emoji is now preferred over a supportive hug. It’s fast, convenient, and it gets the job done. But does it? 

As we look around the world, more often than not, adults and children alike are face down in a device.  Waiting rooms, elevators, lobbies, grocery stores, and restaurants, are the plethora of places you will see a glazed over and disconnected society.

Casual exchanges are disappearing rapidly. Be it a smile, a nod, a comment about the weather, or a simple “hello.”  We resemble zombies walking around expressionless. That is, if your face is even looking up and not down in a cell phone.

This posture is called tech neck. Believe it or not, these simple exchanges have incredible value and allow us to practice the art of good communication skills.  

Here’s to 2020!

As educators, we have to keep going. Our company is committed to the Learn With Moxie mission. 

Technology is here to stay. The tech revolution is constantly evolving and moving faster than one can keep up with. We can’t make it go away, nor do we want to. The modern advances at our fingertips have made arduous tasks simplified and more efficient. However, we CAN combat the effects technology has on our verbal competence. 

Similar to a foreign language, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Therefore, we must make it a priority to develop these Language/Arts skills. Years ago, they were referred to as soft skills. However, they have become critical skills.  Without placing emphasis on these important life skills, when will our future leaders learn them? 

Parents, we hear you

Parents tell us all the time how frustrated they are because they can’t get their kid to put the device away.  These are the same parents who sign their children up for our after school programs. They are looking for help and solutions to get their children interested in engaging again.

Kids want tech at the dinner table.  They prefer to be in their room, lying around texting friends.  It’s not uncommon to see children with headphones on while riding in the car. Often times, while traveling a short distance.

These are the times parents are looking to talk to their children, yet the battle and struggle is real. It’s often easier to go along to get along. The culture has shifted and we are left with confusion about what to do and how to do it.

Learn With Moxie addresses this issue. We alleviate parent concerns.  At least, as it pertains to good communication skills for real world performance.  

Let us help! 

As we return for the second half of the academic year, we have many schools offering our 6 week after school program. We are eager to teach every single one of them and learn from each individual. Our crusade is valued and needed.

This is evident through simple observation.  For example, when you observe a group of teens together, yet, they are all looking at their phone with little interaction. 

Parents are searching for solution based tools. The data we’ve collected when surveying instructors and parents, confirms the need for our programs.

Our motto is less tech and more talk.  

Children who participate in our programs experience success. Learn With Moxie creates an energetic atmosphere for learning. We put the emphasis back on interpersonal connections in a non-threatening environment. 

The definition of Moxie is: nerve, grit, the “it” factor. 

Do you want your child to have Moxie? Because, we can help with that.  Keep talking! 

Ready to give your kid the tools to get ahead?

Lets get them ready to stand out!

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