Yes, you read that right

 The iPotty has been on the market since 2013 and this is the first I’m learning of the product. Briliantly designed to “give parents all the help they can get to keep those little tushes on the potty long enough to be taught to do their business.”

Prior to pulling all technology in my home, I can recall my children completely sucked into their devices. I don’t think they even got up to use the restroom.  Additionally, they had zero requests to eat or drink anything.  Had I let them go long enough, they wouldn’t have even needed to use the restroom.

Potty training is an important moment in parent/child relationship and development.  A milestone that should be full of reward and positive affirmation with squeals and cheers of delight when the child is successful.

 Dumbing down an entire generation

I recently read another article and even blogged about it. The article stated that digital devices should not be used for reward or punishment. Therefore, this product would definitely negate that advice.

We are dumbing down an entire generation. We are depending on technology to do the tough job we all signed up for in the first place, PARENTING! It’s the hardest job in the world.

I can recall potty training my son. He accomplished the task much later than my daughter. Many times, I phoned my boy mom buddies to get strategies to help with the challenge. For example,  aiming at cheerios, picking out big boy sheets, and dollar store stickers.The list of tactics goes on and on.  We connected, shared, vented frustrations,  and cried sometimes worried sick that they would still be in diapers entering Kindergarten.

However, we embraced the difficult and trying task and lifted each other up through the worry.  It’s called personal connection and I fear, we’re losing it rapidly.

I did go to Amazon to see if this product is still available and what the reviews were.  While many found it to be ridiculous and offered humor such as, does it come with the free app download of “Angry Turds” or “Call of Doo-Dee?”, others actually campaigned for how helpful it was. Shockingly, one review shared the relief in leaving their child unattended to ensure no little messes around the house.


Tech & toilets don’t mix

As we run around these next 8 days finishing up the shopping and last minute gifts, please consider a children’s book such as The Magnificent Melvin and Moxie. If they’re going to have anything in the bathroom, make it a good read. But,please don’t tether your toddlers tushes to the toilet with tech.

Tired of asking your tween to put down the electronics?

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